We designed the app as a freemium service. Some stuff free. Some stuff paid.

Most of the content on the Chayenu app is not available anywhere else. i.e., the Chumash we use is unique and not published anywhere else. The Rambam side by side with Nikud (punctuation) is unique. And so are most of the other sections. Sure, you can get free content elsewhere. But you will not find all of the Chayenu content, in this format, anywhere else.

Take a look here at some of the things that make the app unique: What makes the app unique?

We believe that there is value in the $4.99 per month charge.
Also, the monthly charge helps us further develop unique content and enhanced features, making the Chayenu app experience one-of-a-kind for thousands of people across the world, who are using it for their daily Torah study routine.